Houbii Spot Singapore is now present right in the heart of Singapore Zoo, in the Wildlife reserve.

Go high, blend in the wild jungle surrounding the exciting rope course!


STEP 1 : Access the zoo from the main entrance (Fees apply)

STEP 2 : Follow the signs guiding you to the rope course. We’re right next to Ah Meng memorial

STEP 3 : Create memories with your family in a genuine bonding experience

The Benefits


Balance, Self-confidence, movement coordination. Challenge yourself, with instant fun and results.


The Mighty Jungle, but this time no sleepy lion in this man-made adventure maze.
Harnessed up, reach the summit (nine meters!)


Were you thinking of monkeying around at the Mall this weekend? Think again. A breath of fresh healthy air awaits the whole gang!



    Kids below 110 cm

  • $20
  • Perfect for little Champions
  • Accompany your child
  • Make perfect photos of the adventure!

    Climbers above 110cm

  • $25
  • Challenge yourself!
  • Bond with the whole family
  • Climb to the top


Friends of the Zoo / Friends of Wildlife members enjoy 20% off!


This is a playground in steroids. The kids are tasked to climb over and across various obstacles. Safety is ensured by a harness and helmets for the older girls. Younger kids have their own age appropriate play area.

My girls loved it. They are pretty gung-ho so this really suited them. The staff were engaged and friendly too, which always helps.

This is in the zoo so perfect for families with kids. A word of advice… Do this at the end of the day or before lunch so the kids aren’t too tired to enjoy the rest of the zoo.

All in all, great fun and a real adventure for the kids.

Chong Paoer – Tripadvisor
We went to the Singapore Zoo on a weekday morning and there were not many people. We decided to let our boy try out Houbii Spot as it was always crowded during the other times we came. The coach gave very clear instructions and followed my boy throughout. Sara, the operation manager, was very experienced and encouraging. My boy successfully conquered the third level on his second try. My boy enjoyed the fun and sweat. I guess it will be great if there are more discounts or packages. We will definitely come back again soon!
Claire G – TripAdvisor
Our kids (3 & 6) has great fun in the small and large climbing frames respectively today – they seem to be a perfect balance between challenging and accessible.
Steven C – TripAdvisor